October 2 – A Good Story

Gather Around a Good Story…like: Wind and the Willows, Huck Finn, Genesis to Isaiah – all stories with meaning. Some fiction, others non-fiction (with an embellishment here and there), but all good stories. These stories gift us by taking us to a different time and place. When a person tells a story with purpose it has […]

September 4 Church, Why Bother: Part 2: Looking Up.

So what is WORSHIP? Is it an hour on Sunday? It CAN be, and it can be you standing on the mountaintops singing like Maria van Trapp…if you are sincere. So why this gathering – why bother?
Let’s turn to our buddy, Philip Yancey and his book, Church Why Bother, for some direction. Last week reviewed the stats of the NONEs on the rise – and learned that Yancey himself walked away from ecclesiastic gatherings for some time. But he started noticing a loss in his spirit and life, as he described it, “{His} faith faded, a commitment to other slipped away and, ‘the crusty shell of lovelessness (grew) over (him).’” Something needed to change to get him back the the heart of worship …and that SOMETHING was his attitude, the lenses he popped in his spectacles.

August 28; Church, Why Bother: Part 1: Intro to Series & Philip Yancey.

So, church, why bother – when even the believers can’t agree on a model….and that paired with the ever-increasing perception of Christians as a whole being a judgmental group that hates “difference,” diversity, those folks that sit or run outside our margins. Or, that we love the Keebler Christian model. It is so frustrating to be lumped in with the soundbite Christians – you know the ones that get the mic, walk with sandwich boards or gather in rallies reinforcing the message that some are in and some DEFINITELY are out! Which leaves folks like you and me to say, “Oh don’t worry….we are NOT those kind of Christians.”

August 21 Life Coach

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that we need to remember that Sabbath is a gift, not a test. But, oh, how some of us receive this gift with such resistance. Like our inner child telling God, our Holy parent, “You’re NOT the boss of me!!” or “you don’t KNOW me…” Oh golly, we miss so much while tantruming while our inner terrible two seems to rage. It’s funny to know that often behind that ugly pout are scared eyes. Fear of the unknown, the discomfort of not being in control of the space and view we know…sometimes, even the misery we know. But if we would or could TRUST other as a guide for a moment, we’d be surprised that we just might learn something new – OR should I say – get NOT what we think we want but what we actually need.