June 4 Graduation and Pentecost Sunday Dare to Shine

Dare to Shine

This sermon was presented to a crowd filled with CHS Choirs, Pentecost Sunday and Graduate Recognition Sunday Attendees


Special Music was presented as background music to PPT with featuring graduates.  The following video is not “ours” but has the song in background-

Click Below for Audio Recording of Sermon

John’s 20th chapter when he said on the evening of his resurrection, beginning at verse 19:

19 That Sunday evening[b] the disciples were meeting behind locked doors because they were afraid of the Jewish leaders. Suddenly, Jesus was standing there among them! “Peace be with you,” he said. 20 As he spoke, he showed them the wounds in his hands and his side. They were filled with joy when they saw the Lord! 21 Again he said, “Peace be with you. As the Father has sent me, so I am sending you.” 22 Then he breathed on them and said, “Receive the Holy Spirit. “


Acts 2:

On that “holy day” of Pentecost as all the believers of Jesus were meeting together in one place. Suddenly, there was a sound from heaven like the roaring of a mighty windstorm, and it filled the house where they were sitting.Then, what looked like flames or tongues of fire appeared and settled on each of them. And everyone present was filled with the Holy Spirit and began speaking in other languages,[b] as the Holy Spirit gave them this ability.

At that time there were devout Jews from every nation in Jerusalem. When they heard the loud noise, everyone came running, and they were bewildered to hear their own languages being spoken by the believers.

They were completely amazed. “How can this be?” they exclaimed. “These people are all from Galilee, and yet we hear them speaking in our own native languages – and then Peter, the take charge leader of the Apostles, those closest to Jesus recited an ancient scripture from the Old Testament of Joel saying:

17 ‘In the last days,’ God says,
‘I will pour out my Spirit upon all people.
Your sons and daughters will prophesy.
Your young men will see visions,
and your old men will dream dreams.
18 In those days I will pour out my Spirit
even on my servants—men and women alike—
and they will prophesy (which actually simple means TEACH).
19 And I will cause wonders in the heavens above
and signs on the earth below

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