I’m here!!! But why?

What’s up, PSCC?

I thank you in advance for taking the time to learn a bit about who I am and why I’m here.

In real life, I’m a flutist. (Not a flautist, I could never get the hang of that darn flaut.) All of my education is in flute performance. I have never doubted in the last 20 years what I ought to do with my life. (Before that I wanted to be a lawyer/actress who owned a coffee shop/book store and occasionally appeared on Broadway. That just wasn’t enough for me, I needed something more complicated.)
What I didn’t expect was how much I would love teaching. I even wrote my own method books (#nerdstatusunlocked). But the thing about teaching is that if you believe that the thing you teach is a real, organic force that compels us in heart, mind, and body then it is unsurprising that seeing young people learn and grow with music as their medium would produce quite a high.

And I do love music, but I love Jesus more.cs lewis quote, christianity

That’s not to say that I show my love for Jesus more, or better, or all the time, or particularly well, but still I believe this to be objectively true.

I believe that Jesus is the most real thing there is. More real than this computer I’m typing on, or this  cup of coffee I’m drinking, or my own flesh. Without Him I believe there is literally nothing, and that everything ultimately glorifies Him.

I believe that He is BIG and He is GOOD. Big enough to handle our questions, frustrations, confusions, anger, sadness, joy…and sin. Good enough to not only forgive but understand, fulfill, and nurture.

In my Sunday School and youth groups growing up, I did not always experience the reality of this Jesus. Sure, yeah, the teachers were human (as am I, try as I might to run through Platform 9 3/4 or become invisible with the help of a ring). But still. I feel that they did their students a disservice by shutting down questions rather than engaging with them; by telling us exactly what to believe if we are to call ourselves “Christian.”

I know what I believe (let me rephrase. I know in WHOM I believe. What all that means? Sometimes unclear).

It’s not all exactly the same as when I was a child and it might not be the same as when I’m 50.aslan, christianity, cs lewis, king

Okay so let me tie this all together. Music is my job, but Jesus is my Source. Teaching young people about music is supremely awesome but joining young people in learning about Jesus is Supremely Awesome.

I am SO GLAD you’re here and that we get to know each other. Please know I am a safe place. Please know I am available to you. Please know that if you ever bring me ice cream, it must be chocolate. (These are equally important facts.)

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