Holy Hygge


For the past three weeks I’ve been talking about Hygge (hoo gah), the Danish word which most simply is translated – well being.  But developed and practiced is the art of Hygge which about cozy, comfortable, shared and a welcoming way of being – and most often – being together.  Checking ego and agitation at the door, making peace with circumstance and curling up into the care of calm.  Board games not bored games are played….cups of coffee, cocoa or even a nice mulled wine (aka glog).

At PSCC we’ve paired this idea/way of life of Denmark (noted to be the happiest country in the world due to hygge) with scripture…especially Paul’s letter –

1 Thessalonians 4:11-12

11 Do all you can to live a peaceful life. Mind your own business, and earn your own living, as we told you before. 12 If you do these things, then those who are not believers will respect the way you live.

On a Snowy Sunday I write this.  Church services have been cancelled and I have bittersweet feelings as I look out my window….I love snow days.  I love to know that I get to hygge in the comfort of my own home.  Invited to settle into a different rhythm of a Sabbath than I am used to.  I will miss seeing my parishoners, I will file my unpreached sermon which was about coming together regularly in shared Holy Hygge through faith fellowship, and instead I will do what 80% of most Northern Americans choose to do on Sundays, I will Sabbath at home.  Where two or more are gathered – there I am…it is written.   So Paul, our dog Ollie…possibly our son and daughter in law may Sondagshygge – SundayHygge….it IS a thing.  Sabbathhygge.

This shouldn’t be hard,  because when one practices Holy Hygge one Sabbaths well.  For pastors and church leaders, we have to rachet back our anxiety — but for most  laity choosing to fellowship seeking the peace that passes all understanding in faith fellowship is an easy and essential way to start.  Our coming together in a holy huddle to love God and one another without judgement is key.  Park Street Christian Church does this well, more so than any other faith fellowship I have been ajoined.   We work hard at the new catch phrase, “You be you and I’ll be me.”  When this approach is taken with the authentic Spirit of the Greatest Commandment to love God and love your neighbor – all other practices, hopes and “requirements” of those who follow the teachings of Jesus fall into place.  Our choices, good and bad, have impact on those around us.  Our bad day can send a chaos ripple that can overturn the steadiest ship – but if we follow the practice of peacefilled, grace-filled Holy Hygge – all will be well and all will be well…especially when we gather together.

So to my friends at PSCC, may your Sabbath be all it was intended to be on this snowy Sabbath day  as we offer praise for and receive peace from the One who gifts us with unexpected joy which today began with snow.


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