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Post Alt-Right Rally reflection and prayer written/presented Sunday, 8/13

On This Day, Sunday, August 13 recording Prayer for Sunday August 13 – On This Day Written Sunday, August 13, 2017              Let This Day Be… This is not a day to cast stones… Or accusations of who is right and who is alt-right… of those who risked their lives to take hold fiercely onto the […]

I’m here!!! But why?

What’s up, PSCC? I thank you in advance for taking the time to learn a bit about who I am and why I’m here. In real life, I’m a flutist. (Not a flautist, I could never get the hang of that darn flaut.) All of my education is in flute performance. I have never doubted […]

Living into Community: Cultivating Practices That Sustain Us – Book by Christine Pohl I am entering my 3d year as pastor at Park Street Christian Church.  A lot has happened to this small community in its history, yet it survives and holds on to itself.  It is a beautiful thing, when you think about it.  But with a great loss (some four years ago), its members have […]

There is Room in the Manger

There is Room in the Manger To hear the audio recording please click arrow below Ephesians 3:1-12 in Part:  3 All this is exactly why I, Paul, am a prisoner of Jesus the Anointed, His representative to the outsider nations. 2 You have heard, haven’t you, how God appointed me to bring you His message of grace? 3 And how […]

Finding our way to the manger – Ghost Busting as we go!

We are on way to the manger – figuratively, I know.  That’s been PSCC’s theme this Advent:  Finding Our Way to the Manger.  And I am sure that there are countless blogs and posts, and years worth of sermons claiming these are the darkest days… there is so much we CAN be afraid of.  There […]

“Mental Illness and Ministry” by Dr. Mark E. Poindexter

In the Virginia Christian last month, Dr. Mark E. Poindexter of West Side Christian Church wrote an insightful article (pdf linked: mentalillness-article) which I found not only moving but informative. As part of the Park Street Christian family now for over a year, I have been humbled and enlightened to walk along a fellowship who has faced the […]