Author: Colleen Swingle-Titus

Post Alt-Right Rally reflection and prayer written/presented Sunday, 8/13

On This Day, Sunday, August 13 recording Prayer for Sunday August 13 – On This Day Written Sunday, August 13, 2017              Let This Day Be… This is not a day to cast stones… Or accusations of who is right and who is alt-right… of those who risked their lives to take hold fiercely onto the […]

Somebody DO something…

This coming weekend an Alt-Right group is on the move and heading my way.   …. great….   It’s bad enough to have the threat of two world leaders trash talking one another at the risk of taking the whole world into the warring arena.  I can sit and watch the news and say… somebody […]

Living into Community: Cultivating Practices That Sustain Us – Book by Christine Pohl I am entering my 3d year as pastor at Park Street Christian Church.  A lot has happened to this small community in its history, yet it survives and holds on to itself.  It is a beautiful thing, when you think about it.  But with a great loss (some four years ago), its members have […]

There is Room in the Manger

There is Room in the Manger To hear the audio recording please click arrow below Ephesians 3:1-12 in Part:  3 All this is exactly why I, Paul, am a prisoner of Jesus the Anointed, His representative to the outsider nations. 2 You have heard, haven’t you, how God appointed me to bring you His message of grace? 3 And how […]

Finding our way to the manger – Ghost Busting as we go!

We are on way to the manger – figuratively, I know.  That’s been PSCC’s theme this Advent:  Finding Our Way to the Manger.  And I am sure that there are countless blogs and posts, and years worth of sermons claiming these are the darkest days… there is so much we CAN be afraid of.  There […]

Glad to be Called to Disciple Church

I am back from a quick run to Roanoke where I “manned” the Virginia Baptist Women in Ministry Booth at an annual gathering of The Baptist General Assembly of Virginia.  I have served as the moderator of the VBWIM for two years, and now my tenure is coming to a close.  I was also pleased to […]

“Mental Illness and Ministry” by Dr. Mark E. Poindexter

In the Virginia Christian last month, Dr. Mark E. Poindexter of West Side Christian Church wrote an insightful article (pdf linked: mentalillness-article) which I found not only moving but informative. As part of the Park Street Christian family now for over a year, I have been humbled and enlightened to walk along a fellowship who has faced the […]

Considering the Sojourner

Though often found in Christianeze – sojourner‘s closest Greek and Hebrew word-cousins refer to the alien, the traveler, the UNlocal just passing through.  In 3 John, a small and often overlooked epistle – we find celebration and praise of the believer who truly gets what it means embody hospitality.  No, not just to friends and family, but […]

Church…is it worth the bother?

This past week we did something a bit unusual at Park Street.  After several weeks of considering, Church Why Bother, and in preparation for this week’s  “Invite a Friend” Sunday – we sat in small groups vs. rows and talked about what brought us to Park Street as we considered Yancey’s topic:  Looking Outside (as it […]