Statement of Faith

At PSCC, we commune every week as the fundamental expression of who we are: the symbol of our community, the expression of our oneness with God and our fellowship with each other. Compassionate unity is the heart of the Disciples of Christ denomination’s origins, of our Church’s history, and of our present identity. Our unity is our witness for Christ to our divided world.

We do not stress one narrow set of doctrines, because doctrines, as instructive as they are, do not make us one. We do not emphasize one single belief system, because beliefs, as essential as they are, do not make us one. We do not acknowledge one bishop or prelate over us, because human authorities, as powerful as they are, do not make us one.

We emphasize communion with Christ because Christ and Christ alone, makes us one. His table is the center of our sanctuary. His cross is the center of our lives. His cup is the nourishment of our hungry hearts. His communion with us empowers us to live as his communion cup, pouring out our lives on behalf of the world.

For new folks, we invite you to learn more about us through this website, by contacting us, or by worshiping with us on Sunday mornings. We would love to have you worship with us.

For visitors and current members, please use this site to stay up to date with current news and happenings at PSCC.